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US Government Funds Film Testing

The United States Federal Government is placing its bets and money on window film. The product is being considered in two seperate moves by The Department of Energy (DOE).

Window Films: High Priority

The DOE recently released a report, "Windows and Building Envelope Research and Development ​​​: Roadmap for Emerging Technologies." which includes window film.

Spec​ifically, the report list film as a "big priority" research and development area because its cost is $2 per square foot or less, making it much more affordable than replacing an insulting glass unit. ​​​​

This is all part of the DOE's Building Technologies Office's mission to "to improve the efficiency of existing and new buildings in both the residential and commercial sector through the development of high-impact energy efficiency technologies." The initiative began after President Obama's 2013 inaugural address in which he issued a goal of reducing energy losses in building by 50 percent in the next 20 years.

Window film will play a major role in achieving that goal, as "Low-e window films have sizable technical potential savings with reasonable payback periods," according to the report. . ​ ​
But that isn't the only investment the DOE is making in window film. Apparently, the department sees a need for another separate rating system.

With a $1.6 million cost-shared grant from the DOE, the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA) has launched the new Attachments Energy Rating Council (AERC).

According to a press release AERC will design and administer a new energy rating and certification program for the fenestration attachment products,: including applied films.

"The project allows members of the window attachments industry to be on the cutting edge of energy efficiency,"​​​ says Ralph Vasami, executive director of WCMA, "as well as collaborate with a diverse set of stakeholders, and, most importantly, present consumers with reliable product information".

According to the release, the council will gather key market and technical data to develop credible rating, certification, labeling and performance-verification procedures that will be adopted by the attachments industry. "At present there is no accurate method to assess the performance of individual products or for consumers to distinguish between the relative energy-saving performance of competing window attachment products", the release reads. The AERC's work will fill this gap and pave the way for potentially billions of dollars in energy cost savings for U.S. households and businesses."​

Source: WindowFilmMag

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