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License Number ROC 342225

Care & Maintenance Instructions

Care & Maintenance


Please read these instructions before cleaning

You may notice that your freshly installed window film has a dimpled, textured, or “lumpy” appearance when looking at or through it. (This is especially true of sputtered metal films.) 

Sometimes the film may have a milky or clouded look in spots. This is quite common and a normal part of the drying process.

As moisture from the application solution slowly evaporates through the film, the lumpiness and/or cloudiness will slowly diminish.

Within two to eight weeks it should dry completely, depending on the film product, temperature, and humidity. Normal curing periods range from 7-60 days.

Tinted window care instructions by Phoenix Home Window Tinting - Phoenix, AZ
Recommended Cleaning

Compounds & Procedures

For best results, clean your windows with a soft clean rubber squeegee or cotton cloth and common household-strength glass cleaners, such as Spray Way, Windex, Glass Plus, or silicone cleaner/polishing compounds specifically made for window films. These latter compounds are generally available through your dealer. Follow label instructions for such products.  Another excellent and inexpensive window cleaner may be mixed and used as follows:

  • In a pint or quart spray bottle mix ½ part distilled or mineral-free water ½ part rubbing Alcohol (isopropyl), and 3 drops of liquid dish detergent. Shake Well.
  • Mist the window lightly and uniformly with your cleaner. Use a CLEAN SOFT COTTON CLOTH (such as a diaper or T-shirt) or SOFT PAPER TOWEL to gently stroke dry the window, turning the cloth/towel often, Pure rubbing alcohol on a cotton cloth will quickly dissolve the heaviest smudge and greasy fingerprints. If smudges remain, re-spray pane and use a soft rubber squeegee to stroke-dry the glass in horizontal passes, from top to bottom. Towel-dry the film borders.

  • Residual glue or adhesive from masking tape, Scotch tape, or decals that have been applied to (and removed from) the filmed window may be quickly and completely removed by very gently stroking the affected area with a soft cotton cloth dabbed with pure ACETONE (nail polish remover). Acetone is small amounts is harmless to polyester films but immediately dissolves adhesives and most paint over-spray, evaporating completely.
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