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ROC 342225

License Number ROC 342225

Facts About Film

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Film Facts

The products we install are guaranteed by our Manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. All of the films we install serve similar purposes.

Features & Benefits:

Window Tinting Film facts from Phoenix Home Window Tinting - Phoenix, AZ
Window Film installers from Phoenix Home Window Tinting - Phoenix, AZ

Film Installation

Each of our installations has a lifetime warranty. Here are some things to look for after installation:


At times you might see some bubbles, but they ​are completely normal to see right after application. This is because the solution we use to apply the film consists of water, therefore needs time to dry out. Depending on the weather, it could take up to 6 weeks to completely dry. *If you spot any bubbles bigger than a quarter, please call, those will NOT go away.


Any peeling is NOT normal. If you spot any peeling, please call our office right away!

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